Minetar Lens Mount Idenitification

Close-up of a Minetar telephoto lens with light reflecting off the glass, creating a rainbow spectrum.
Rare 135mm Tele-Lens
A 135mm 1:2.8 lens.

Tokyo Koki Mount???

I am here trying to find the appropriate adapter for this 135mm Minetar lens. If anyone knows about this pre-cursor to the T-Mount hit me up in the comments or my Facebook page here. The seller states it's a 49.2mm/1-15/16" Tokyo Koki mount. Used by Soligor, Sun, Tokyo Koko, Vemar, and other lens manufacturers. Adapters have been seen for Minolta MD, M42, and Nikon cameras. I am looking for an adapter in the M42 range since I have an M42-EOS adapter.

You can view more mount photos here in this folder on Mediafire.


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