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Six Reasons Why Abandoned Places Get Thrashed

Sealed Emergency Exit LOCATION ADDRESS: This is the biggest reason why abandoned places get vandalized, thrashed and god forbidids burned to the ground in a 3-alarm fire. Having the location present on the Internet for the entire world to see subjects the property to untold traffic. This traffic is either noticed by the relevant owner(s) or local law enforcement. Either the owner(s) fearing liability for injured persons on his property, pays for fencing surrounding the property and boarding up of the buildings against squatters, homeless persons, vandals, and local and nonresident teenagers. If the owner(s) cannot be found for whatever reasons, the state or local town would either own the property through condemnation possession by the previous or present owner(s) not paying the tax bill that is due regardless of inactivity or inactivity. Then, they secure the property as well to limit liability. Book Room LOCATION NAMING: Naming the location is tantamount to giving ou