Sharp Shooter Super-Takumar Asahi 55mm 1:2

Pollinating Bee Inside Flower
Shot all these photos wide open at f/2.

Yellow Daisies Behind Backyard Fence
No editing done in post. Straight RAW and unprocessed.

You can't go wrong with a Super-Takumar lens. Sharp images, sharp contrast and crazy bokeh. I purchased my 55mm copy (a steal) for around $23.00 USD. The lens does have an inordinate amount of these white particles sitting on the back element lens but you would not even know that if I did not reveal this tragic flaw. The pictures here would not even show any discernable trace of particulate in the way. The quality make and feel of Super-Takumars is phenomenal. If you are not into manual focus lens and believe in the auto-focus Gods, a takumar inside your camera bag is worth a bit of space any day. I recommend getting yourself a copy in the 50mm, 55mm and 135mm. Matter fact any will do. These lenses perform like champions. If the post man would hurry up and deliver my takumar 135mm I can get outside and test it out.

Purple Cluster of Flower Heads
Very willing flower buds and bee subjects for my shoot today.

Round Bokeh Flower Buds
The blues and purple colors really stand out. Deadly sharp.

Hovering Bee Pollinating Flower
A bee among young flower buds. 


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