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The Darkness and The Light  The Darkness and The Light Edit 2 I could not choose between the two which one I wanted to post. Decided I would share both. Now, that I look back on these edits. I was very into playing with the blacks and darks throughout the photo. Now, I am mostly about light and having the picture have more light rather than darkness. It makes the image lighter and more open. I guess this was how I felt in the beginning, starting off editing and now after many more months from the day I joined Instagram, I have gotten better with using my camera and editing my images how I've always wanted my images to be.  If you are struggling to edit images like your favorite photographer, stick with editing your images at least 2 hours a day. It takes practice and familiarizing yourself with Lightroom panels until you become comfortable knowing what a certain image needs right off the bat after importing. Remember, presets are just the base layer of an image. It ta