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Brooklyn's Secret Cove

  One of Brooklyn's best-kept secrets or shall I say the most underdeveloped park in Brooklyn. Herein lies a small hidden cove home to an abandoned boat that has been permanently moored in this cove as far back as 2012. Will Ellis, AbandonedNYC's , writer and explorer, checked out this small waterfront way back in the day in 2014. In addition, Atlas Obscura also wrote a small undated piece on this abandoned vessel. A couple months ago, a generous low tide allowed me to get up close and personal with this wet bucket of metal, plastic, and seaweed. I've always had it on my ever-long and expanding list of locations to visit since I viewed it on Will Ellis' website years ago when I was giddy with excitement when I first started exploring as a hobby and now as a serious life endeavor. I can see why it can be considered a "secret cove" since it is pretty much off the beaten path. You wouldn't know it was there if you didn't trudge through the grass and lo

25-31 Bartlett Building (2017)

Behind the Building It seems like forever since I last posted here.  2020 was one for the history books worldwide where it seems almost every country and every continent went into quarantine and lockdown with no one going anywhere and everything on pause. I did not take advantage of the opportunity to go out and explore so here I am digging through my archives to see what I can find to let the world see what was once here and now that is gone. Found this old and vacant building scouring Brooklyn on Google Maps. Upon arrival in 2017, I found access to be doable but not worth the entry since the building was mostly boarded and fenced for impending demolition. Not worth the trouble in broad daylight and with a vigilant and suspicious community in the surrounding area not worth the time. The only doable and easy part of this spot was exterior shooting. So here you go.  Currently, this entire street is being bought out and sold for new apartments in this densely packed area.  Status : Demol