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Bayside Fuel Oil Depot Corporation (Part 1)

Black & White for old times' sake.  The end of Bayside Fuel Depot has come to an end. During July - August 2019, the last vestiges of this waterfront property located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York came to an end. All that is left is the concrete base that will be assessed and remediated for the toxic contaminants in the soil. It brings to an end a swirling debate among locals and preservationists who had competing ideas on how the park (Bushwick Inlet Park Extension) should be redeveloped once the cleanup was finished. Locals wanted the tanks removed because it would spoil the views of Manhattan across the river. Preservationists wanted to incorporate the empty 50-foot tanks into the design of the new park which would respect the storied history and architecture of what was once an industrial oil transfer station. To learn more details of their proposal you can read them here . It even seemed the city sided with locals on the removal of all the tanks