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Nestled discreetly behind an unassuming fence line, the facility stood as a quiet sentinel of bygone experiments and chemical innovation. It was a place where the unseen battles against pests and pathogens played out, away from the public's prying eyes. I remember the day I ventured there with two curious friends, a forgotten piece of the past awaiting our exploration. From the road, this place appeared like any typical business establishment, revealing no secrets. But as we rounded the back, it revealed itself, an open invitation to step into a world shrouded in history. The facility's landscape consisted of three main structures: an office building, a series of imposing greenhouses, and an enigmatic garage-like structure that eluded our access on that particular visit. That garage still stands to this day, a silent sentinel to the mysteries held within. The year 2018 marked a turning point when the greenhouses and the office building met their end, succumbing to the inexorabl