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Blood Artocarpus Altilis

A Halloween inspired work created using the Artocarpus Altilis leaf or otherwise known as the breadfruit leaf. An old leaf found under an in-season breadfruit tree and used as the basis of my blood art. Finding inspiration in the lush fields of the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Artocarpus Altilis

Inspired by the recent work of Can Tuncer's Lava landscapes . It's not a 7-year body of work experience as Tunçer's but nonetheless, I gave it my four years of landscape expertise I could execute with what I have available. You can check more of his incredible work below. Inspired beyond belief. Can Tunçer 500px Can Tunçer Flickr

Musa Acuminata (Banana Leaf)

Added a new lens to the camera bag recently and so far it's been a learning curve in how best to capture unique perspectives in a world of billions of images. It's been a trying experience so far in the field wielding the Canon 100mm macro lens. It definitely takes a different approach than my Sigma wide-angle lens. The results haven't been extraordinary but I wanted to try something new from another perspective. I have been shooting the same subject matter for quite some time and wanted to try something new and different. I've always been curious and quite envious of the work of various macro photographers in some of the photography blogs I read. Although some of those macro photos take quite an elaborate setup to achieve stunning results. So far I have a lot to learn and small subjects to "model".

Rockland State Hospital - Children's Ward/Quarters

Playroom The children's ward is the most popular section of Rockland and everyone heads straight to this building without fail. It does have its appeal with other explorers. The brightly colored toys, destroyed murals, and daycare equipment were all scattered around the building. Here you can find the modest auditorium where I assume shows for the kids or movies were played. I won't dig deeper into the history since it is well written about by so many historians and urban explorers it would be ad nauseam to write about it again. A great write-up can be found by Will Ellis in his series on Rockland Hospital: Abandoned NYC . You can check out my Part 1 and Part 2 visit series. The Auditorium Add caption