Samigon 35mm f/2.8 - Sample Review Two

A curious dog stands at the edge of a tranquil lake, peering into the clear water, with its tail mid-wag. The scene is peaceful, with a backdrop of lush trees across the lake under a bright blue sky. To the right, the blurred silhouette of bicycle handlebars suggests a paused journey, adding to the sense of a serene, leisurely day at the lake.

I started trying to see what this lens can really do in sunny conditions today. I was a bit disappointed in how it renders the background considerably softer and not very sharp. Outside is very bright and I opened it all the way to f/2.8. This lens is very soft. You can see that with soft areas of the picture with my bicycle handle and the background. (I should park my bike out of the way sometimes) It is not really a good wide-angle lens to use. I feel this lens is more adaptable for up-close shots rather than wide shots. I think I will try that today and maybe tomorrow and come back with a couple review shots to determine if I should keep this lens in my camera bag or return it to fleBay. I am going to do some more research on this lens because it seems this copy or glass isn't very good. Well off to test this alternative lens some more.

Lens info: Samigon 35mm Auto Wide F/2.8


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