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Abandoned Factory Z (Northeastern, USA)

This abandoned northeastern factory sits in the back of a quiet residential street surrounded by nature. Next to this two-story building remains another abandoned medical complex boarded up to the gills. Stay tuned for upcoming flicks. Getting into this building was quite hard. We hopped a perimeter fence in the middle of the morning just before a police car was sitting taking a quiet break or making their due diligence check on the property. This property is down the road at a current asbestos abatement medical hospital by the local town/state agency. Once on the property, it offers a mix of old machinery and pipework from this little factory which was probably much larger before residential developers took over. In addition, the building was free of graffiti and its brick-walled facade still looked like the day it was constructed. The only giveaway is the wide-open away roof.  No open containers, drug paraphernalia, or signs of local teenage BYOB bando partying.

Times Square New York City (I)

Corner of Times Square Times Square, locally known, as tourist mecca for native New Yorkers. This eclectic and neon tourist zone is always crowded from sun up to sundown. Packed in with arriving and departing citizens of the world picking over the same spots as they cajole and prostate themselves for the perfect family snapshot. You will find many individuals taking abundant selfies and group shots all over the place. If they are not taking photos, they are being harassed by desnudas and touchy cartoon sized characters hustling for tips. A place only visited by natives once and never again. One thing you can find in this tourist zone is plenty varying shades of characters hustling.