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Abandoned Train Substation

Today I tried to access this old abandoned substation on a quiet residential block. Previously, I've been here before to scout out access and potential foot traffic of local neighbors. It is quite easy to access if you don't mind jumping the fence but the tall windows are a problem without any type of supporting ladder or fellow explorer shoulder.  Inside holds old machinery that once powered the local train line before the municipality agency for some reason left it to rot next to an adjacent substation that is also under maintenance and repair. A substation's function is to convert high-voltage AC to DC in order to power trains along the transit line. In New York City, there are many old and new substations across the five boroughs that can be found next to subway stations. This particular one still has the vintage equipment from other sources I've seen during my research. There is also one in another borough I almost got to explore before coming across a securi

Abandoned Pigeon Church: Forgive Us For Our Trespass

Pulpit Views Forgive Us Dear Lord For Our Transgressions... Finding this abandoned church of worship was pretty easy. The exact location of this former house of worship would surprise many urban explorers. It's located right in the heart of a rather busy neighborhood surrounded by so many changes. I won't go into detail on the history of this place since it is quite a gem once inside. Let us begin on my mission to get inside this place of God. It took me four scouting missions to finally realize that what I thought was the entrance was not actually the entrance until on my third scouting mission I realized there was the entrance on the other side staring me in the face. From then, I knew I had to explore this church on all days of the week; a Sunday. The day of rest and worship. The irony finally came to me while drafting this exploration report. Upper Balcony View Pulpit Center of Religious Indoctrination aka Central bimah Once inside this gran

Abandoned "Supermarket' Warehouse

Heading into the Supermarché! This abandoned warehouse takes a special place in my life. It is the very first abandoned building I explored. The very first. The number one. The cherry popper. Yadda yadda. It all began on a cold early morning, jumping into my car, picking up my friend in Queens and taking the three-hour journey north. We arrived early ahead of the meeting time and chilled for what seemed like an eternity as the car became colder by the minute. My friend and I met the local connect who knew this city well and was showing us around for the entire day. Our connect led us to the property as we parked our cars on the grass median and walked our way to the active rail line and walked behind the building. The rail line was also involved in a feature movie that for some reason I forgot to commit to memory. Entering the building, we headed straight to the roof. We were going to take in the roof views first and make our way down. Untitled movie tracks. I forgot the mo

Documenting the Jumping Jack Pump Plant

For a long time, this venerable and formidable pump house has withstood the treachery and explorations of many urban explorers. Only a few have ever found its true location within the state lines of New York. Before, only well researched urban explorers found this pump house long before it graced the pages of Will Ellis '  Abandoned NYC 's long heralded and well-published website. It has stood for many years from the gaze of any unsuspecting explorer travelling within the state who may by happenstance found it just by driving. Unfortunately, you cannot "drive" and see this pump house. This place is located deep in a mixed-use neighborhood encased in businesses no one unsuspecting would find for it to be located there at the end of the adjoining driveway. Once inside, the treasures to behold can be found. Inside you will find old boilers, coal dust, century-old coal, a flooded basement, three entombed car frames and an infinite supply of remarkable