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Former East New York 75th Precinct Station (153rd Precinct)

Station House facing Liberty Avenue & Miller Avenue Historical Completed in 1891 the former Romanesque Revival style with Venetian and Noram Revival ornament structure was created by 'architect' George Ingram who is cited as the designer of the building. Architect Emile M. Grewe is also credited with having a hand in the collaboration. George Ingram was an assistant engineer in the Department of City Works in 1886 who was not a trained architect by trade. The building accommodated about 80 patrolmen, cells, and a stable via a passageway from the main building. Back then it was known as the 17th precinct (Originally 153rd precinct).  Entrance to the horse stable. Opening in 1892, the first detainee was John Pocahontas Smith who was arrested for public drunkness. In the 1930s it was renamed the 75th precinct until 1973 the precinct moved to the newer 75th precinct holdings on Sutter Ave. It then became the home to People's Baptist Church in