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Hillside Ave NEMET Nissan Dealership

While navigating the bustling Hillside Avenue, renowned for its commercial vibrancy, an unusual sight caught my eye – a forgotten fragment amidst the urban sprawl. There, standing in stark contrast to its lively surroundings, was an abandoned Nissan car dealership, its story silently screaming through the vibrant graffiti splashed across its glass windows. Graffiti, in its bold defiance, often signals abandonment in a city that seldom sleeps. Like a green light in the ceaseless flow of urban traffic, it beckons the curious and the adventurous. This day, it called to me. Approaching the property, the exterior of the dealership was a canvas of urban artistry, yet it hinted at a deeper solitude. Beyond the graffiti-adorned walls and windows, the building seemed untouched, a lone island in a sea of city life. Slipping into the property, an unexpected sound broke the stillness – the laughter and chatter of children playing. Only then did I realize the proximity of a school, creating a delic

Five Corners Reid Hill Shopping Plaza

  My memory vividly holds onto a recent exploration, one that still feels fresh and exhilarating. I stumbled upon this site quite unexpectedly while en route to another location. The building, with its street-level windows gaping open, seemed to beckon me, an invitation too enticing to ignore. Despite a security vehicle parked out front, a testament to its off-limits allure, my instinct whispered that there was another way in, a path less obvious than the front door. Navigating to the rear of the shopping plaza, I found my entry point - a human-sized hole punched through the wall, as if tailor-made for an explorer like me. I couldn't resist. Slipping through, I crouched into a world forgotten by time, an ancillary room that led to a larger, open space. The sight that unfolded was a study of neglect and decay. Grey plastic tiles, water-damaged and forgotten, were blanketed in a tapestry of green and brown moss and mold. It struck me then, the familiarity of these tiles - a staple in

Pennsylvania's Forgotten 'Chop Shop' Factory (Lost Archives)

  It's hard to believe it's been so many years since I stumbled upon that enigmatic, medium-sized factory in Pennsylvania. The memory, dating back to 2016, is like a photograph slowly fading at the edges, leaving behind a mosaic of vivid yet disjointed images. The exact location, shrouded in the mists of time, eludes me, despite my best efforts to pin it down on my ever-expanding Google MyMaps. I remember it as the 'chop shop' factory, a moniker I whimsically assigned but now regret not investigating further. The scene, as I recall, was something straight out of a gritty noir film – a pile of black rubber car tires heaped to one side, the floor covered in a fine layer of dust and grime, and the walls adorned with a kaleidoscope of oddball graffiti. It was a place that whispered stories of clandestine activities and hasty departures. Gaining access to this mystery location was surprisingly easy, a stark contrast to the complex mazes of some larger sites. Its relatively s