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Fanning the Flames Inside A Firehouse

Going from the jailhouse right into the fire station. That is how I arrived inside this abandoned firehouse located on a corner street of a busy road. My friend and I had just left a drug riddled abandoned jail where drug users shoot crack heroin into their veins. After leaving, we headed to what I assumed was an abandoned church I came across in my research. It turns out after all, that this particular church was indeed not abandoned. It was not until I got back home that I found out that the church that I was looking for was about 10-12 blocks back in the opposite direction. Sometimes you miss the obvious. Anyway, my friend found this "rando" as he called it. A rando is a random abandoned place you find while randomly driving to another location. Spotting a rando is easy. You keep your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of abandonment. Boarded up windows, chain link fences, unkempt property, and general non-human activity. We turned around and parked the car. Firs