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Dennings Point Brickwork - The Abandoned Ruins

  Located halfway between Albany and New York City lies Beacon. Located in the state hiking park is Denning's Point Brickworks which turned out clay bricks before exhausting the resource by producing as much as 400,000 bricks for New York City's flourishing building boom in the early 20th century. Manufacturing the very bricks that make up the iconic Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center. Since its initial operation in 1885, it has also produced other products such as concrete, paper clips, and composite wood before coming to end in 1980. Second-floor landing. Intricate graffiti. Currently, the building is being slated for renovation by Clarkson University's Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries for use as an environmental education facility. Titusville Two-Story Boiler. Unknown condition. View from the roof. Sources: 1. Cheney, Jim, "Hiking to the Abandoned Ruins and River Trails at Dennings Point", October 24, 2021, Uncovering New York ,  2. Denni