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Abandoned Cotton Mill (Baltic Mills Complex)

A rotten-out four-story mill.  In before the wrecking balls. This mill surely did not need an interior demolition of its own because inside the wooden floors had already sagged and caved in from years of decay and neglect. The solid stone walls stay true to the craftsmanship and mortar the bricklayers hundreds of years ago laid down with expertise and solid workmanship. Now the structure awaits the fateful day when the demolition crew rides in and delivers its final blow into forgotten history. The ground floor was mostly dark and decayed.  A plethora of rotting wood littered the ground. The stairs leading to the first floor revealed there won't be any venturing upstairs. The flooring was completely rotten and caved in. From the steps of the staircase, you could look straight up and see the clouds in the sky. There was no way up without falling right back down to the ground floor. Ground Floor Interior Boiler House Smokestacks Venturing to an open

Harrison Ford Island

Explored a few tiny islands in a local park on my recent weekend adventures. These islands sit off in the distance from the parking lot just a few nautical miles away from the boating dock and canoeing rental services. Took Mad Dog One up with relative ease and headed straight for my target. Lined a few shots and some interesting perspectives and returned the bird. Today was a day I wanted to explore 10 abandoned properties within one day from sunrise to sunset and time was of the essence.

Abandoned Camp Rock

When one spot is a failure you move on to the next. I had my sights on this spot for a long while. It wasn't until Sunday that I was in the area after exploring a previous spot to check out its theater and bowling alley. After pulling away from another spot that was quite open and risky to access and explore I ventured here. Pulling through the back I butted up on a deer who just stood to stare at us chewing on its cud before a loud CSX train passed by with the loudest sound I've ever heard from a train as it dashed away into the bushes. Pablo the Deer Building One Exterior  Building One Interior Squeezing through a gap in the fence we came upon four boarded-up buildings lined up neatly surrounded by heavy vegetation. Nothing special or of note was found inside any of the buildings. One building to the far left looked like a stable for cows. The center building was locked and seemed to hold unknown items in storage and the first building on the