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Camera Repair by Rick Oleson

Camera Repair , a set by rick_oleson on Flickr. Rick Oleson is recognized in the photography and vintage camera enthusiast communities for his extensive knowledge and skill in repairing and refurbishing classic cameras. With a deep understanding of both the mechanical and optical components of a wide range of camera models, Rick has become a go-to source for those seeking to restore their cherished photographic equipment to working order. His work often involves intricate processes, such as disassembling, cleaning, recalibrating, and sometimes machining replacement parts for cameras that are no longer supported by their original manufacturers. On his Flickr page, Rick Oleson shares detailed photographs that document the meticulous steps involved in each repair job. These images not only serve as a visual record of his restorative work but also as educational material for hobbyists looking to learn more about camera mechanics. From common fixes like replacing light seals and mir

Graffiti Cans (Decades Old)

Takumar 55mm Bokeh - Old Graffiti Cans The amount of empty, derelict and rust out cans shows the amount of layers of covered art pieces forever lost to new artful pieces never to be seen again. Graffiti art is like love lost. It is there one fleeting moment and the next moment it is gone forever. Gritty street art does not always last forever. Brooklyn is in the house! Lens Info: Super-Takumar 55mm 1:1.2 @ f/2  © Digital Ink'D Photography

My Führer...

Underground German American Führer 1 - Buddy, what you looking at? Underground German American Führer 2 A very colorful portrait I call the German Hitler. This boxed looking portrait reminds me of the Führer in a whimsical caricature light. I am so pleased to release these never before seen graffiti people rarely see this deep in Brooklyn where I live. It really shows the character and flavor of these unknown artists whose works most people will never know about except those who traverse this graffiti line I frequent. Bringing these artworks to life and spreading it to the masses is a duty. What is so different from a Rembrandt and a Picasso in a museum to a tagged wall filled with such vibrant works of color and composition? I hope you like it as much as I do because it brings a smile to my face trying to figure out what mood and mindset the artist came to creating such pieces. Lens Info: Super-Takumar 55mm 1:2 @ f/2  © Digital Ink'D Photography

Forever Young, Forever Lost & Forever Forgotten

Old Schenectady Avenue Subway line This old Brooklyn rail line will be lost forever. Tracks of a bygone era when subway trains rolled endless along its track. Man and machine rolling along the steel so effortlessly. Millions of hard working Brooklynites traversing each corner back and forth. Night after night. Day after day. Now all is lost. Service gone no more lumbering along the narrow tracks. Nature has come to take back its rightful place. Eating away tirelessly at its anti-rust core. All nature can do is hide it away from sight until that final day comes when it shall be no more.  Lens Info: Super-Takumar 55mm 1:2 @ f/2  © Digital Ink'D Photography