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Fanning the Flames Inside A Firehouse

Going from the jailhouse right into the fire station.

That is how I arrived inside this abandoned firehouse located on a corner street of a busy road. My friend and I had just left a drug riddled abandoned jail where drug users shoot crack heroin into their veins. After leaving, we headed to what I assumed was an abandoned church I came across in my research. It turns out after all, that this particular church was indeed not abandoned. It was not until I got back home that I found out that the church that I was looking for was about 10-12 blocks back in the opposite direction. Sometimes you miss the obvious. Anyway, my friend found this "rando" as he called it. A rando is a random abandoned place you find while randomly driving to another location. Spotting a rando is easy. You keep your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of abandonment. Boarded up windows, chain link fences, unkempt property, and general non-human activity.

We turned around and parked the car. First, we we…

Six Reasons Why Abandoned Places Get Thrashed

LOCATION ADDRESS: This is the biggest reason why abandoned places get vandalized, thrashed and god forbids burned to the ground in a 3-alarm fire. Having the location present on the Internet for the entire world to see subjects the property to untold traffic. This traffic is either noticed by the relevant owner(s) or local law enforcement. Either the owner(s) fearing liability for injured persons on his property, pays for fencing surrounding the property and boarding up of the buildings against squatters, homeless persons, vandals and local and nonresident teenagers. If the owner(s) cannot be found for whatever reasons, the state or local town would either own the property through condemnation possession by the previous or present owner(s) not paying the tax bill that is due regardless of inactivity or inactivity. Then, they secure the property as well to limit liability.

LOCATION NAMING: Naming the location is tantamount to giving out the physical address. Sometimes that is not alwa…

The Forgotten Anderson-Jerome Subway Platform

This is all that remains of the Ninth Avenue New York City line. A derelict trashed platform that sits above forlornly above a Bronx street. Filled with all manner of trash, bottles, discarded waste and other detritus. At one point, a baby kitten appeared underneath a wet plywood board and began to clean itself. Just minutes ago I saw a large feline cat scurrying over the nearby fence with abandon. I took my shots and left in a huff. The platform certainly had its days in the past as a once beginning spot towards the Bronx Polo grounds, but now it sits above it's closed off platform station at street level.

Certainly, the graffiti has changed from the varying photographs seen from here and various urban exploration videos of this Ninth Avenue line subway platform.

Now, let us take a look at the ever-changing graffiti at this location. It would be fun to revisit this location next year to see the changes.

Super Earth (Unisphere)


Get to the Choppa


Abandoned Oil Depot


Instagram's New Abandoned Car Frame Drives into Town

A very kind car enthusiast told me this is an old Chevrolet (Chevy) Citation from the 1980's. Very cool. I wished I spent a bit more time going over it with my camera now but I had to work quickly to meet friends later for brunch. I was in a huff to run through the building before jetting off.

Abandoned Rails Over Highway

This short exploration video contains an abandoned railway line stuck between two properties abutting a major highway in the northeast. The line crosses three city street blocks on one side and one street block situated over a river into another neighborhood. You can almost say that the train line divides the poor from the rich.  I wish I could have crossed it without causing unwanted attention from the highway patrol. Maybe I will cross it one night sometime later in the year when no one is around.

A short but satisfying exploration involving two abandoned properties and a rail line.

Abandoned Railroad Unloading Facility

Upon driving along the winding road heading to my designated parking address, this behemoth stands out like a fallen giant. A black rusting heap of metal. It just sticks out like a sore thumb. If you were eagle eyed you could spot this facility with ease. Once so full of energy and endearing to the men who once worked there. This railroad facility is no longer able to unload huge tons of black gold.

Getting onto the property was very easy. Getting there was the hardest part due to the long walk. After getting onsite, all my tired worries were washed away as I stood at the beginning of the tracks looking towards the belly of the beast. She was beautiful in every way. Sadly, history and time have not been kind to her.

All the old mechanical parts were still there as it was on the last day. The wooden track beams were cracking, splitting and weathered. The landing zone for the train cars were still there but the side rail shoot was no longer a part of it anymore. Nature had decimated a …