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Abandoned 705

From commerce to residential. This commercial building will be no more within 30 days. Come spring the construction phase will have already begun. I investigated this building a good month back to poke around and see if I could get inside before the wrecking ball devoured its walls. On the day in question, due to the proximity of another towering residential complex, people were outside and I didn't want to be greeted by the cherries and berries because I was squeezing my backside through a back window. So I settled myself with some exterior shots and machinery that would end this commercial property for good. According to its history, this building was purchased in 2013 by a developer for millions of dollars to become the group's new headquarters but upon inspection, revealed many numerous additions that were unsuitable for renovation purposes. Flipping the switch the developer then proposed to the city council to turn it into a residential property complex. Af

Abandoned Church of Divine Flames

The main attraction 😍😍😍 A surprise I would never forget. One cold morning, S and I headed across town to check out a church many Instagrammers have trodden upon when this church became known for its abandonment in the sprawling green lawns of this residential neighborhood. It seemed every day when the first image appeared of this church's unique stained glass windows everyone all of a sudden appeared within its walls within the next two weeks. Mind-boggling how one picture starts out online and all of a sudden everyone knew about it. S and I parked the car and took a spin in front of the church only to realize that from the street level, you could see another feature of this church prominently displayed in full view (main photo above). It was the plastic/glass rods hanging from the ceiling. Finding no entrance from the front, we went around and made our way past the high chain link fence and entered the partitioned side of the walkway to the busted door lock. Making o

Abandoned State Hospital of Fine Art

Hot Rod! This former state hospital is a bounty of quality graffiti art. The motorcycle frame above tends to move around with only one wheel. One cold evening, me and a friend I shall name S headed to this fine state hospital seeking the famed room of pigeon shit. Having parked within the grounds. We headed straight for S's contact entrance located behind one of the large buildings sitting on the perimeter of the fence. We headed around the whole building from left to right unable to find the entrance. We were extremely lucky not to be harassed or kicked out by the active security patrol on the grounds. Finding no exterior entrance inside the hospital building we headed to the front to check. To our surprise, what looked like a locked door was actually an open door hidden in plain sight. We placed a wooden stick in the doorway and headed inside. Barred views! News is dead amirite.  First, we explored the dark ground floor filled with old furniture, chairs, a

Abandoned Mystery Hotel

A curious case of no found history. Today I present the 'Mystery Hotel' because the only relevant real estate information that could be found for this property all points to the category listed as hotels and classed as a miscellaneous hotel for land use pertaining to commercial & office buildings. Nothing could be found either in the Department of Buildings database using two known addresses for this property. I searched and searched for property records pertaining to the past uses and occupants of this commercial building but came up empty. Hopefully, in the future when development comes to this property I can write up a new update. But for now, enjoy these exterior shots I shot a few weeks ago. Former Hotel Entrance Cross Street View Now just used to store local school buses. About a month ago, there was a visible entrance inside the driveway. Someone had broken through the cinder blocked doorway and made their way inside probably to scrap for metal

St. Mary's Hospital Ongoing Renovation

Ongoing construction March 29, 2017. The former Crown Heights hospital continues its transition from a derelict eyesore to a much anticipated 170,000-square-foot nursing home complex once completed. The eight-story hospital was constructed in 1975 and found itself in bankruptcy in 2005 due to heavy financial losses operating. Since 2005, it was left abandoned before being snapped up by its current owner, a NY healthcare group, in 2014,  who will be reopening it as a 280-bed nursing home facility. It seems nursing facilities are on the rise in New York City. Another abandoned church in another borough is also up for demolition to make way for a nursing facility. During its demolition work, workers were bilked out of $100,000 in wages when the contractor, Andrew Miller, promised workers $14-20 hourly wages and benefits. None of it was found to be true before being prosecuted for fraud by the Brooklyn DA. St. Mary's primarily served the poor and uninsured but could not sustain