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Abandoned Caribbean Island House

Outside view. It was a balmy morning on my two-week vacation on the Caribbean island. Just that morning, I took my early morning walk before the sun peeped its head over the clouds.  During our circular route around the neighboring countryside village from where I was staying. We came upon a small narrow path delineated by the countless footsteps of many people who used this shortcut to get back over on the other side then going around the main road. Walking this well-beaten path we came upon a small gaping limestone cave.  The small cave didn't go any deeper than maybe 10 feet. A pile of dead plant matter, household garbage, and abandoned bird nests were all that was on offer from this discovery. If I wanted deep cave exploration I would have headed to the tourist limestone cave tour the island is known for on the southwest of the island. A very small cave . We continued onward to our accommodation. After refueling myself with a hearty breakfast. I packed my camera

A Life Sentence in Old Essex County Jail

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime! Or so they say around the block in my neighborhood. A while back, I did do some time, in the old Essex County Jail. You may be wondering what did I do to deserve a harsh life sentence. My crime was shooting photography in a public space. At a time like this, photography seems to be a crime in itself. However, I came here to capture this old jail before it received the electric chair. The electric chair is the demolition rig. This old New Jersey institution's last days are upon us and before you know it, it will be asking for its last meal anytime soon this year if the large education institution gets its way to remove the derelict neighborhood blight from its lofty perch. The jail facility was designed by penitentiary architect John Haviland and built-in 1837. The jail was closed in 1970 and has been languishing ever since. Coming close to demolition as recently as 2010. However, Rutgers Law School h