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2023 Year in Review

Reflecting on 2023, it's been a rollercoaster of a year for me, both professionally and in my urban exploration pursuits. The year began with a significant career shift – leaving a job I thought would be a long-term stay for a new opportunity. The old job had its perks: yearly pay hikes, a 30-year pension plan, and a family-like team. The new job promised similar benefits but with a shorter pension period and a seemingly welcoming atmosphere that, unfortunately, hasn't felt right for me. I've been grappling with this sense of not fitting in, a dilemma made all the more challenging by the current tough job market. On a different note, my urban exploration adventures across the New England corridor have been a highlight of my year. I've pushed my boundaries, venturing further northeast of New York City, driven by an increasing stamina for long drives. This newfound exploration range has been a silver lining, enabling me to document more sites than ever before, despite the

Former Anamet Manufacturing Complex

  Anamet Inc I recall my ventures through Anamet vividly. A breach in the fence was our gateway into this forgotten realm, leading us straight to the old powerhouse. The front office building and the rolling mill eluded our exploration. I believe we did not venture into these two buildings based on not having anything useful inside but just empty spaces and open windows. Nothing inside was appealing I am guessing since we did not venture inside on this day and I did not return to this area for a good few years. A huge disappointment in my book as I looked over my pictures on this day.  The grounds were littered with the debris of abandonment – beds, household odds, and ends, remnants of haphazard demolitions, all evidence of a space left unguarded. The powerhouse, known as Building 27/27A/27B, was a relic of industrial might. Within its walls, boilers and assorted machinery sprawled across multiple floors, each piece telling a story, each corner a snapshot in time, adding depth and cha