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Off-Limits New York Urban Exploration

2e the famous urban explorer photographer takes Animal New York around Brooklyn climbing on top of the Domino Sugar Factory Building, time lapsing underneath the Williamsburg bridge and going underground at the bombed and ragged Underbelly Project. The exhilaration and accomplishment of exploring abandoned and defunct structures around the metropolis of New York in the dead of night is something 2e hope he can do forever. To find out more about the man man behind the 2e moniker head on over to Animal New York's Exploring Off-Limits New York article.

Reminds me of my urbex exploration around a disused Brooklyn train line where I soaked up a lot of graffiti art. It feels real good going around on your own exploring areas many people in New York will never see in their lifetimes. Urban exploration is like the modern day Christopher Columbus trek across the West. I can't wait to explore this summer around others parts of Brooklyn.

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4/20 Buds and Bunnies

Today is all about recreational marijuana, bunnies and some long highs.

Another year of 4/20 and what a difference it is from previous years. The state of Colorado has legalized the recreational sale of cannabis to Colorado residents and out of state residents alike. So far only positive news have been coming out from the cannabis state since recreational marijuana has been legalized. 59 cannabis businesses in the state have generated $14 million in green hard cash in the first month alone in taxes. Despite the cannabis naysayers that Denver would descend in a deep glut of crime and devastation. The only thing that has happened is hungry cannabis smokers going about their day without a care in the world.

So let's take up our bongs and light one up for all the other states where it is still not legal to buy medicinal or recreational marijuana.

Ian Reid