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Abandoned Home Goods Manufacturer (Bilco Co.)

* *This site was the former Bilco Company which manufactured basement hatchways, garage doors, sidewalk doors, and roof hatches on Water Street in West Haven, Connecticut.  Milling about with gleeful abandon. I finally checked out this complex from a depressing neighborhood where houses are boarded and vehicular traffic is always substantially busy. I was astonished at how easy it was to access the complex. I had previously seen kids hanging around by the water playing around on a previous visit whilst using my DJI Phantom 4 drone. Upon entering the property I feared the worst. Local kids may have already trashed the property based on the numerous windows busted out. Entering inside my fears were appeased. Inside was comfortably clean and unblemished from graffiti and shitty craft. It seemed the complex could be cleaned up and put to use with a little TLC and back into a hub of commerce. The offices on the other hand needed substantial renovation. A shame the previou

Trailing From The Skies

Gorgeous Massachusetts views on a nature trail. Took the Mad Dog One out to view the spectacular forests of Massachusetts has to offer.  Didn't actually trek the local trail here but took it in from way up. Better exposures but still getting use to working with ND filters. When you miss the leading line of the local highway.