Magic Lantern 5D MkII vs. Blackmagic Cinema Camera RAW Battle

Tom Majerski just sampled a Blackmagic Cinema Camera (BCC) and a 5d MkII together with the same lens, same shutter, and ISO settings. This short 11 second video shows us that the A video sequence is definitely the Canon 5d MkII which shows great details in the highlights then the B video sequence. It looks like the Magic Lantern firmware is really going to affect people who were ready to purchase BCC's. Just buying a couple used 5 Mk II's and 5 MkIII's and you have a capable profession video camera that really gives more bang for your buck (G.A.S.)

Check out the low light test comparison with the Magic Lantern firmware below.

Magic Lantern vs. H264 ISO Shootout
Magic Lantern vs H264 ISO Shootout. from MIDAS MANAGEMENT on Vimeo.

This is really exciting news for Canon owners and soon to be Canon owners. I can't wait for the stable release to hit the pipeline.

Source: Tom Majerski, Midas Management, Planet5d Blog, NoFilmSchool


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