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Fence through the Lens (2013)

Yashica Yashinon 50mm 1.4 - Fenception They say to look deep inside the eye of a tiger. The last one not to blink wins. Alpha as f**k! So they say on Reddit...I had to share this quick image with you guys because it really was a good picture I took of a recent eBay lens outside in the backyard. The focus is really stuck on the fence behind (the image is in reverse) the back element of the Yashica Yashinon 50mm 1.4. A true beauty. Camera: Sony HX9V

eBay Vintage Lens Buy: Aetna-Coligon TC 135mm F/2.8-22

Picked up a sweet Aetna-Coligon 135mm with approximately 14 aperture blades of glory. It has a nice zebra chrome pattern focusing ring with one aperture ring and a benign ring. One sets the aperture and the other apparently does nothing. It does not have a automatic and manual switch. Comes with the easy adaptable Pentax m42 mount to fit all micro-thirds cameras and DSLRs. I hope to get some shots with this lens later today at a few spots around Brooklyn since outside is looking to be hot and humid. Perfect conditions for testing out this Aetna Coligon. Look out for video and picture samples in the future. I am back in Brooklyn photog peeps! Source: m42lens Database

eBay Vintage Lens Buy: Rare Taisei Kogaku (Tamron) 135mm f2.8

Rare Taisei Kogaku 135mm Twin Tele A remarkable lens from Japan, very sharp wide open, of the famous zeiss inspired design with preset aperture. It's well made, all glass and steel, with excellent color and contrast. The optics in this lens are amazing, it is simple and it works. It's bokeh and colour rendering are brilliant and it's as sharp as a razor. This is one of the mythical lenses of the days of lore, and hard to find even on ebay. There is about 340 degrees of rotation on the focus ring. The lens came with a 2X adapter as well. This series of lenses (model 680) were made between 1962 & 1969. The included tele converter is shown in the picture. This gave the kit the twin tele name.  Sharp Kogaku 135 Also known as the Taisei Kogaku [Tamron] Tamron 680 Twin-Tele 135mm f/2.8. A rare lens with the hard to adapt praktina mount. Mounting this lens onto to a EOS Rebel won't be easy. I have been trying to source an adapter for my Canon 600D Rebel but

eBay Vintage Lens Buy: Asahi Super-Takumar 55mm 1:2

Opened up my new lens out of the box and upon close inspection found a cluster of dust resting all around the back lens element like shampoo in the eye. It made me cringe. Just a bit of moisture or water inside and those huge dusk particles could turn into the dreaded fungus spores they can be. Unfortunately I paid around $16 dollars for this gem and returning could be prohibitive. Asahi Super-Takumar lenses go upwards from $30 from average to around $160+ for those with apertures of f1.4. A quick test below shows that the dust particles do not affect image quality as I thought but useable for my purposes for now. The lens Gods have been merciful on my soul. So double check and scrutinize eBay listing pictures of lenses before you bid or buy. Ashai Takumar @ f2.0, ISO 100, 1/125