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Hidden Gems #4: The $1.9 Million Shack

Drove by this unsuspecting gem traveling home. Immediately got out and snapped away. Come to find out this piece of property was built all the way back in 1899 (119 years old). You can't see from the street but there is a house located behind this small building. Surprisingly, with all the huge money pouring into this neighborhood, the current owners have not sold out with the rising New York City real estate prices. This property currently has an estimated land value of $1.9 million. The house on the property is still inhabited according to sources who have looked into the property. I guess the current landowners are just sitting on it for now to maximize the most land value they can get in this increasingly hot real estate market. Quite a jarring sight in a hip Brooklyn neighborhood. July 4, 2018

Vanishing Point X Brooklyn

Based this post and composition on the bewildering and mysterious Westworld Season 2 Episode 9 of HBO's critically acclaimed sci-fi drama. As I was aligning the busy road below I saw the leading line and knew I had a good shot at hand and pulled the trigger. "Do I have a choice? Were any of these choices ever truly mine to begin with?" Jun 22, 2018