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Stillmanville Woolen Mill (Connecticut Castings Mill)

Exterior of Stillmanville Mill from the street. Approaching the Connecticut Castings Mill also known as the Stillmanville Mill there were about three vacant boats lined up on the pathway to the mill in various states of disrepair and conditions. From time to time I have found various forms of recreational vehicles at various mills across the Eastern seaboard. From old cars to aquatic vehicles, I have found at least one vehicle whether stripped down to its frame or fully left to rot like it was left a few months ago. Mills always have something sequestered within the old decaying spaces within its walls. This mill was no different.  One of my favorites from here.  "Let me drive the boat" in my best Kodak Black voice Stillmanville would not be so named if it was not for the man known today as Oremus M. Stillman who established the industrial neighborhood as Rhode Island became the forefront of the American Industrial Revolution.  Along with where Canal Street runs, Samuel Brand

Pop Smoke Mural No. 2

This is the second mural installation of deceased Brooklyn drill rapper Pop Smoke. This was done by Haitian artist Kenny Altidor who has done quite a few murals around the area which also include the late great Chadwick Boseman.  #popsmoke #pop #kennyaltidor #woobaby #woos #woo #canarsie #brooklyn #canarsiebrooklyn