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Empty Drum and Barrel

Am I too late? When the exploration party is over. Front side view Peep that taxi? Just waiting over here to crush stuff. See my mess? On my first arrival at the site, it was becoming dark, and vehicular traffic was heavy up and down. On my second visit, construction crews were digging into the roadway just meters away from the open entrance. On the third and lucky visit, I found the site had been cleaned up and a partial demo of the interior and exterior had occurred. Feeling defeated I headed straight in past the many waiting TLC Uber/Lyft/et al drivers waiting for riders to summon them. Inside was leveled front to back. Nothing remained inside except for dirt and loose piping. At the back of the property, a small back room had been leveled and piled in a heap of rusted metal and building debris. Back of property interior Side rooms or what is left of them. Cleared a path from front to back. One room inside had a lone busted boiler fo

Brooklyn Graffiti Skull Mural

No pirate treasure here but I did find some rope to hang myself. This remnant of a much larger complex that burned in 2006 was once home to American Manufacturing Company. It was built in 1890 and manufactured 10 million pounds of oakum used in caulking wooden ship seams. Employing over 2,000 workers who lived nearby in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Mainly female Polish and Lithuanian immigrant workers. American Manufacturing Company started off as a two-story jute mill quickly expanding from one block to six. In 1920, it became the largest hemp and jute factory in the manufacture of 400,000 pounds of cotton bagging and ties daily. Later known as the forgotten Greenpoint Terminal Market . The historic warehouses burned in 2006 as it was revealed they were being referred to by The Municipal Art Society as historical landmarks to the Landmarks Preservation Commission . The Greenpoint fire was responded to by a large force of 350 firefighters on the day it burned. Now, a few remain