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Steele Heddle Manufacturing Complex

Interior Shot Update: February 29, 2024 **The journey of uncovering the stories behind historical sites is often fraught with twists and complexities. It's a path that demands diligence and an unwavering commitment to accuracy. In the pursuit of documenting the remnants of industrial heritage, a recent endeavor led to an unexpected realization: an image previously attributed to the interior of the Steele Heddle Manufacturing Complex was, in fact, misidentified. After an exhaustive review of various Philadelphia surveys and a meticulous comparative analysis, it has been determined that the actual location depicted is the Steel (Steal) Units Manufacturing Company. This significant oversight highlights the challenges inherent in historical research and urban exploration. The Steele Heddle Manufacturing, a separate entity, is located a mere street away, along W Allegheny Ave, further complicating the initial identification process. I extend my sincerest apologies for this confusio

Archives #5: Best Graffiti Piece of 2017

I believe this to be one of the best graffiti works I have ever come across in my explorations during last year. It even beats out the Brooklyn skull mural that I found to be widely creative and great use of an abandoned space. The intricate detailed eyes and wrinkles. The use of the full length of dry wall really captured my attention once I entered this warehouse in Pennsylvania.