Archives #1: Chemistry

Inside an industrial facility, a large cylindrical chemical apparatus stands encased within a complex framework of weathered metal pipes and scaffolding. The infrastructure exhibits signs of wear and corrosion, indicative of a long-standing operation. The background reveals additional tanks and machinery, part of a broader chemical processing setup, with dim lighting casting an eerie glow over the scene.

Starting off hopefully with a series of archive posts from today. For now, it will contain either one or several photographs of various decay and abandonment that will be posted in a full write-up, an undiscovered location, or something from the past, present, or future located in my two-year Lightroom catalog. Or it may never be written up or shared as a full album set.

I currently have written up a post from this place but still debating whether to publish it or not. The only first time I have ever been caught exploring abandoned buildings. The pictures from here definitely carry significant emotional and mental weight. One, because I could have been asked to delete my pictures. Two, I could have had a criminal record or not based on a judge's leniency, or lastly having a gun-toting security officer pointing a gun at me.

You definitely don't find intact glass in abandoned places and this place certainly had a lot of it. 


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