Home Street Presbyterian Church

I attempted two times to infiltrate this little church on a three-way intersection and failed miserably. On the third attempt one early cold morning, I found workmen going through the front door with toolboxes and scaffolding past the doorway peeking back at me. According to the developers' plans, common area furniture will come from ceiling beams and the facade schist will have a future in the backyard garden once the senior housing development is completed.

The Home Street Presbyterian Church was abandoned in 2009 when funds for boiler repairs were lacking after a furnace fire. The congregation disbanded after internal feuds between two groups led to dysfunctional maintenance and upkeep. The congregation was finally dissolved in 2011. The church has stood since 1910 when the Foxhurst section of this neighborhood was more suburban. Around this time period, the frame houses began to shift to an urban sprawl compromising of Italian Catholics and Eastern European Jews.

If anyone has ever been here message me. I would love to see interiors pictures.

Address: 1017 Home St, Bronx NY 10459

Update: As of October 21, 2019, it has been replaced by senior housing development.


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