Orbit Glum: The Abandoned Flavors

The watery welcome mat to Orbit Glum

When you explore a local drug denizen.

I was torn between the name I was going to bestow on this post but chose the appropriately named "Orbit Glum" since "Orbit Gum" didn't quite have the same feel when I explored this local gem months ago. My friend J and I walked the long city block toward the property from our parking spot inside a grocery store. A massive chunk of land was left barren after a past demolition. MC Complex had stood there as a massive space. A huge complex was wiped away. Orbit Glum once produced flavors, aromatics, and fragrances.

Reflections of the past

To the left of the entrance

Making our way to the end we turned right and made our way to the property when we came upon a homeless man 'cleaning up' the place as he sifted through debris blocking one of the entrances to the property. We quickly said a few hellos and made our way further to the back to cross over to the other side thanks to a large pool of stagnant water. Our new friend implored us to come in but we politely declined and continued. Reaching the back, we set foot straight into one of the shell buildings and made our way inward to the interior when we came across two other males inside amid a drug deal or negotiation. We said hello and feverishly went straight out an open door and walked to another building. Normally you don't come across two dudes in an abandoned building just chatting so nonchalantly with backpacks and a comfortable ease as if they were sitting coolly in Starbucks.

Making our way to another building J wanted to explore we clicked away and made our way upstairs. I believe this is the first time I ever went into an abandoned building and did not shoot with my trusty DSLR. Instead, I shot with my Samsung S7 Edge the entire time. A first for me. The presence of so many males on site was unnerving but we continued unabated. On one floor, we came upon a layer of plastic garbage of junk food and plastic bottles. It seemed this floor was the dumping ground for the local occupants who took up residence here. The next floor up we came across a closed door with a piece of clothing hung on the frame. Opening the door, a foul stench emanated from the dark doorway. Someone was literally sleeping inside a makeshift room with a blue plastic tarping soundly asleep. Clicking away with abandon, we exited and quietly closed the door.

Next up was the roof. Of course, the roof offered unblemished views of the facility and surrounding neighborhood. A site J and I took in for a few minutes before heading back down to explore a few minor burned-out shells. Having seen all of the property we made our way to the back when we came upon the previous two males now joined by two other males, one with a dog on a leash. Sensing an unnerving unease, J and I casually walked past the group headed for the exit in the thick marsh grass fauna, and left. It seemed Orbit Glum was the local hangout spot for those without homes and drug users. The property sits off of a busy street and out of site of any local police department eyes. Nevertheless, Orbit Glum provided a rare occurrence of finding squatters and homeless people when for so long I have explored and as of yet never came upon them in my adventures until this day.

Roof Outcrop

Inside outside view of the outcrop.


  1. That's a great photo of the spiral staircase.

    1. Thanks John. I took a few just to be on the safe side. It was a tight space.


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