Nutrix Quarters

Entrance Foyer

Where the holes keep on opening...

I came upon Nutrix Quarters doing some backdating research inside the borough for other vacant structures. Finding the place so close to my home base I ventured out one cloudy day in hopes of seeing inside this structure. Arriving on site, I quickly scanned the fencing for an opening and to my surprise found the entrance by side glancing driving down the street. On a now-defunct blog, a previous explorer had gotten in using a supplied rope to enter the facility. On my trip, I needed no such extravagance.

Administrative Room

Waiting until traffic and the nearby pedestrians made their way down the block and away from sight. I snuck in and made my way inside. Upon entering, I came upon what looked like the welcoming entrance foyer. The black-detailed fireplace called to my symmetry fetish. After satisfying my lust, I made my way upstairs quietly. Downstairs was strewn with trash and clothes. Praying any bedbugs or other pests find my warm body an open invitation. (Trust me you do not want a bed bug infestation inside your home. I got infected through my college one winter a long time ago and brought them home.) Quietly moving through the hallways I made my way to the second floor. Listening for any other occupants besides my curious self. Finding no others, I continued my sustained art-capturing and made my way to the next floor. Finding the long hallways and smaller rooms uninteresting. I tried to capture as much detail of the hallways as I could capture. Seeing signs of squatting, I made my way back down to the ground floor.

The Coolest Spot in Paradise (Bando)

Peeling paint hallway

The best feature of Nutrix

The only interesting part and probably the biggest feature of this place above. I exited and went on my merry way back home. A month later, I returned with S who wanted to see the place and I obliged. Upon my return, the entrance I had used was now sealed again. During our first approach and crushed entrance dreams, we stood across the street and saw two highly dumb explorers in broad daylight trying to bust open a chain-locked fence door with bolt cutters. As you may have guessed, a pedestrian walking down the opposite sidewalk saw this asinine attempt and immediately called the police. Our two dimwits make a hasty retreat the opposite way. Crushed that my friend S could not enter we split and went our separate ways. It wasn't until recently, that I went back to the Nutrix, that a new entrance had been opened. Sadly, S has moved out of state never to see inside of plans for the site move for housing redevelopment.


So much peeling paint for those with a fetish for paint chips

The only significant and extravagant piece inside


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