Trump Arraignment Day


Today was a very special day for the "Teflon Don" in New York's Lower Manhattan Court where he pleaded not guilty to 35 counts of felonies. Outside a mix of supporters and his critics held court across the street at the park milling about as news media personnel stood up under the lights and broadcasted live ad nauseam to their respective 24-hour news channels.

Reps. Marjorie Greene Taylor and George Santos ran out of town when she forgot that a partisan crowd that leans left would not be socially amicable to right-wing conspiracies, idolization, and vitriol. We New Yorkers like substance just like our cream cheese and bagels. They soon hightailed it out of town to jeers and whistles. Inside and around the Manhattan building, people of all stripes, flavors, political leanings, religious zealots, and social media people looking for their five minutes of fame milled about and made their passionate statements and protests. You could find everyone under the sun inside and outside both parks adjacent to the criminal complex. Young and old, feeble and mental, and downright fevered religious musings. Everything was out in the open for everyone to consume.

Well, of course, Donald Trump himself did not make an appearance outside. He was whisked inside and outside without any fanfare or his signature wave to fellow supporters.

Source: Sorkin, Andrew, "Trump Finally Has His Day in Court", NYTimes, April 4, 2023










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