Pixel Shifting Whilst Urbexing Using A Sony a7R IV

Last week I had the opportunity to go out in the field to find interesting subjects to pixel shift using Sony's latest a7R series the a7R IV. I always wanted to find out what I could bring back using this feature that allows users to create in-depth and highly detailed pictures using 16 shots combined into one. 

218.0MP Pixel Shift File Denoising

Buttery and soft.

Now I have come back with results and I have found that it can be done in dilapidated warehouses and other decaying buildings but during my pixel-peeping foray I found that the background was quite soft and muddy. I happen to believe this may due to the focusing area not being selected correctly or my Zeiss Batis 25mm is not as sharp as it touts to be which could be farthest from the truth. I surmise maybe the shifting daylight may have distorted the picture but I can only test that hypothesis on another field test in whether that may not be the case. 

In the example above, the 'PENT' graffiti was taken without any interference from outside daylight and I found the picture to be detailed and true to color and depth when I first saw it whilst exploring a different part of the building.  Keep in mind the ARQ files are quite massive. Rounding out for me at 1.82GB with the TIFF extension just as heavy at 1.32GB. So if you are thinking about using pixel shift files use them wisely for unique forms of art, product photography, and architecture. In addition, an Adobe Lightroom export in high quality using an edited ARQ file ran me up a weighty picture of 75.3MB. The quality was superb.  I will continue using it whilst urban exploring for unique parts of buildings that really stand out for stunning details.

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