The eXperiment #2

While reading an interesting article on Petapixel on the sweet spot of lenses. It came to mind that maybe if I shot at the required aperture of 5.6 @10mm which I shoot almost always I would substantially control variables in my little AEB experiment using my camera setup. It makes sense to shoot at the best aperture that produces the sharpest images I can get during my explorations.

In eXperiment #1, my aperture was at different settings and may have skewed the final photos before blending them together creating slightly sharp photos due to the aperture. It is true that shooting at the sharpest aperture of your lens is important in this little eXperiment but found out that in the field shooting at aperture 5.6 @ 10mm didn't always produce the correct and proper exposure for the scene.

Continuing on in the field I came back with the following.

6 Images

12 Images

I could not discern any notable differences in image quality in both sets of images. Nothing popped out at me as found in eXperiment #1. I surmise that maybe the blending software has its limits passed a certain amount of numbered images. I would love to get my hands on some raw Sony A7R III files to test the comparison between an 18MP camera and a 42MP. I'm curious to see what the outcome would produce.

6 Images Edit

12 Images Edit

I may have found in another subset of photography that macro photographers use stacked images of insects and flowers using hundreds of images than my 12-image roster here. Some final images can surpass 300 images all stacked into one clean image of a well-defined, detailed, and sharp final image. A veteran of this subject is none other than Turkish photographer Can Tunçer.

To see more of his work check out his website here and Flickr page here.

Now it may be back to the drawing board for me as I head out with more knowledge and hypotheses.

Continuing on to eXperiment #3.

Stay tuned.


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