Empty Drum and Barrel

Am I too late?

When the exploration party is over.

Front side view

Peep that taxi?

Just waiting over here to crush stuff.

See my mess?

On my first arrival at the site, it was becoming dark, and vehicular traffic was heavy up and down. On my second visit, construction crews were digging into the roadway just meters away from the open entrance. On the third and lucky visit, I found the site had been cleaned up and a partial demo of the interior and exterior had occurred. Feeling defeated I headed straight in past the many waiting TLC Uber/Lyft/et al drivers waiting for riders to summon them. Inside was leveled front to back. Nothing remained inside except for dirt and loose piping. At the back of the property, a small back room had been leveled and piled in a heap of rusted metal and building debris.

Back of property interior

Side rooms or what is left of them.

Cleared a path from front to back.

One room inside had a lone busted boiler forlornly waiting to be crushed and carted away for metal scrapping.  No machinery or any existence of industrial usage was present anymore. I had come too late to explore this last holdout in an awkward space surrounded by so many long-term parking businesses. Although, next door another industrial business hums along with abandon.



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