Abandoned Camp Rock

When one spot is a failure you move onto the next.

I had my sights on this spot for a long while. It wasn't until Sunday that I was in the area after exploring a previous spot to check its theater and bowling alley. After pulling away from another spot that was quite open and risky to access and explore I ventured here. Pulling through the back I butted up on a deer who just stood to stare at us chewing on its cud before a loud CSX train passed by with the loudest sound I've ever heard from a train as it dashed away into the bushes.

Pablo the Deer

Building One Exterior 

Building One Interior

Squeezing through a gap in the fence we came upon four boarded up buildings lined up neatly surrounded by heavy vegetation. Nothing special or of note was found inside any of the buildings. One building to the far left looked like a stable for cows. The center building was locked and seemed to hold unknown items in storage and the first building on the right was completely empty. This was the only building that still had electricity running to it.  All in all, not a bad site. Even the not so interesting spots can be small but still significant.  A and I would never have met that friendly deer or built those rocks alongside the small water management stream behind the residential houses.

Building Two

Building Three - The Barn

Updates: As of May 2023, satellite activity picks up the renovation or reuse activity on the property. A revisit soon.


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