Abandoned Stadium | Urban Exploration

Explored two stadiums in one day. This was the very first one I explored out of the two and the second abandoned place of the day earlier in July 2016. Upon entering, tall weeds and bushes dominated the framed crowd control columns seen in the beginning of the episode. This stadium was larger than the other football stadium. Instead of one sweeping stadium seating, this one was more oval and more designed for the immersion of the crowd towards the action in the center. The concession stand, bathrooms, and commentator’s box were all neatly located behind the seating area. This was once a grand stadium when it was open.

It’s rare you can explore an empty stadium once teeming with screaming supportive fans, fresh beer and juicy hot dogs. There are a few still left in the United States in Detroit and Ohio. Although, the one in Detroit is to be demolished soon or is already fallen to the demolition crew. This stadium once hosted local football and baseball games but fell into disrepair during an era of declining funding. In addition, this sports stadium is only one of the remaining stadiums to ever hosted an important national game during racial segregation.


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