Abandoned Railroad Unloading Facility

A close-up view of the complex, weathered wooden framework of an abandoned railroad trestle bridge. The crisscrossing beams are over water, displaying the intricate engineering of past construction. The dramatic cloudy sky above sets a moody atmosphere, reflecting the history and decay of this once-functional structure.

Upon driving along the winding road heading to my designated parking address, this behemoth stands out like a fallen giant. A black rusting heap of metal. It just sticks out like a sore thumb. If you were an eagle you could spot this facility with ease. Once so full of energy and endearing to the men who once worked there. This railroad facility is no longer able to unload huge tons of black gold.

Getting onto the property was very easy. Getting there was the hardest part due to the long walk. After getting onsite, all my tired worries were washed away as I stood at the beginning of the tracks looking towards the belly of the beast. She was beautiful in every way. Sadly, history and time have not been kind to her.

All the old mechanical parts were still there as it was on the last day. The wooden track beams were cracking, splitting, and weathered. The landing zone for the train cars was still there but the side rail shoot was no longer a part of it anymore. Nature had decimated a part of her a few years ago.

I wasn't able to climb the structure to access the control box due to nonexistent and cut-off stairs. A very predetermined move on either the present owner or the current owner. Looking for one day to return and try to access the control box when I am passing through this area. It is very sad to see this facility rust away but maybe its future will bring something new to its shores.


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