The Forgotten Anderson-Jerome Subway Platform

This is all that remains of the Ninth Avenue New York City line. A derelict trashed platform that sits above forlornly above a Bronx street. Filled with all manner of trash, bottles, discarded waste and other detritus. At one point, a baby kitten appeared underneath a wet plywood board and began to clean itself. Just minutes ago I saw a large feline cat scurrying over the nearby fence with abandon. I took my shots and left in a huff. The platform certainly had its days in the past as a once beginning spot towards the Bronx Polo grounds, but now it sits above it's closed off platform station at street level.

Certainly, the graffiti has changed from the varying photographs seen from here and various urban exploration videos of this Ninth Avenue line subway platform.

Now, let us take a look at the ever-changing graffiti at this location. It would be fun to revisit this location next year to see the changes.


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