The Gentrification House


A street corner in Brooklyn showcasing the stark contrast between old and new: a graffiti-covered, dilapidated building with a weathered façade stands beside a modern, multi-story apartment with clean lines and glass balconies. A pedestrian crossing in the foreground underscores the crossroads of urban change and gentrification.

I believe I saw this house on social media during the pandemic. It wasn't until I was hunting boarded-up houses around Bushwick Brooklyn I came upon the 'gentrification house' by happenstance. I pulled over immediately and went to work to find the right angle. I knew it was going to be a very pleasing aesthetic composition because of the pointed contrast. When you see it it is very striking in its presence. All over the city, you see the same architectural housing popping up all with the same aesthetic without any difference in uniformity or uniqueness. Even the NYTimes did a piece on this budget constraining developer buildings across several states such as Nashville, Denver, and Seattle.


1. Kodé, Anna, "America, the Bland," January 20, 2023, NYTimes


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