Former Conty's Drive-In (Salt & Pepper Restaurant)

Where the cuisine and customer service was lacking. Yelp reviews.

I came across this sad sight on my way to the nearby Seaside Park for sunset where I learned I needed a permit to enter the park. I made a furious u-turn and pulled alongside the defunct Indian cuisine restaurant. It seemed this halal restaurant did not function very well during its two-year tenor whilst it was opened (around 2009). The property sits at a two-way street intersection in a prime location for park-goers. This property was once slated for a high rise development but as of now, no action has been taken to proceed to that goal. Currently zoned for office and retail use whilst many hungry travelers pass by unperturbed by its vacant status. Not even the late-night hungry hoards of students at the University of Bridgeport could save it.

Before it was known as Salt & Pepper, this former place of business was originally known as Conty's drive-in. Built-in 1961 and family-owned, it served burgers, seafood, and Italian dishes around the 60's and late 80's. The blue pillar festooned with the letter "C" and its unique architectural gull-wing style roof is all that remained of this former eatery. You can see it in its former glory here on Pinterest and also here. (Warning super small and low res.) You can see it in its defunct state with its marquee neon signage on Flickr's verplanck.

Current Status: Demolished

Address/Location: 30 University Ave, Bridgeport CT

Coordinates:   41°10'0"N   73°11'10"W

Former Conty's Restaurant.


1. Andy Blair - Flickr

2. Dean Jeffery - Flickr

3. Roadside Architecture

4. verplanck - Flickr

5. Debra Jane Seltzer - Flickr


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