Rockaway Metal Products Corporation

Rockaway Metals Products (RMP) began as a sheet metal fabrication factory beginning in 1961. RMP occupied the site from 1971 to 1987 leaving a plethora of hazardous waste materials onsite. From 1990 to 2004 the building housed various tenants which even included an auto repair shop. Rockaway Metals a manufacturer of filing cabinets and other metal products closed down in 1987. It was leased a few years ago to different owners who did not manage the 4.85-acre parcel. The 155, 000 square foot building has long been an eyesore and trouble in the neighborhood since its closure. A coastal storm in March 2018 blew debris materials to adjacent properties. Rockaway Metals was acquired by Nassau County in 1995 by tax deed. The county holding onto the property for 22 plus years. In February 2011, the site was damaged by fire and condemned soon thereafter. For more in-depth legal ownership of the property, you can read more below in the source list under U.S. v. 175 INWOOD ASSOCIATES LLP.

The site was designated a Department of Environmental Conservation Superfund site in 1992 during an inspection. That classified the site as a Class 2 which made it ineligible for the Brownfield Cleanup Program. In the 1992 inspection, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered dry wells containing flammable sludge, underground tanks, a 5,000-gallon tanker, and 240 55-gallon leaking drums. The EPA removed most of the materials in '93 to 1995 but ground contamination of lead, cadmium, and arsenic still remained.

Rockaway Metals Products created metal boxes, specialized steel office partitions, and the office Rolodex. The Rolodex can be found here at the U.S. Patent Office under patent number 3190707A. That was filed all the way back in 1963 and granted two years later in 1965.

Rockaway Metals was demolished in the summer of 2018 by Nassau County for $2.1 million in borrowed funds. You can still find used 'vintage' steel cash boxes on sale from various vintage vendors on eBay and Etsy. While the building may be gone, its products still 'live' on today in many U.S. households unbeknownst to them the manufacturer has been deleted from history. Currently, it is being shopped to developers willing to clean up and develop it according to the local commercial zoning laws.


Rockaway Metal Products Metal Box

Demolishing and selling 175 Roger Avenue


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