Rockland State Hospital (2016 Visit) Part #1

This once 600-acre mental asylum once housed 11,000 patients within its lush acreage and winding paths. A psychiatric hospital that once considered lobotomies and electroshock therapy as a first-rate treatment for the mentally ill. Now, part of the vast semi-abandoned buildings has found the wrecking ball for a different type of electroshock therapy. About 60 acres of land will become a banking data center built by the financial Wall Street juggernaut, JPMorgan Chase. A 150,000 sq ft data center will sit on the grounds where patients actually made the hospital's furniture and ran some of its facilities such as the power plant, farm, and shops. As of now, that facility has been built and paved the way for $40 million in demolition and cleanup costs.

I ventured inside the many buildings unused since the hospital began cutting back during the 1970s. As of now, the Rockland Psychiatric Center still treats patients with maniacal depression and severe cases of schizophrenia. On many visits, I explored as much of the buildings and grounds via the underground tunnels layered underneath the sprawling buildings on the vast campus. Those who visited the facility found that most of the buildings were boarded and secured but a few entrances at different locations provided entry points that allowed unfettered access to the many buildings throughout the campus.

I explored the morgue, various cafeterias, housing, and medical offices found around the campus.

Cafeteria & Kitchen



Update - October 22, 2019

A June 27, 2017 adventure.

Where the tunnels run long and deep.

I won't tread into the long storied history of the "Grand Psych Complex" but soon if reports state as true it won't be long before the many buildings that reside here fall and a new shiny data hub exists at this depot. A rather laborious journey to the depot. I came here before during the height of summer weather. An arduous task that left me without energy and a sweaty back. I had only explored on that fine hot day by myself. Exploring the largest building on the property. Getting lost in its similar halls and endless doors. At one point, searching for an entry I found none, until, a secluded small driveway revealed an open delivery bay window. I clambered in giddy that I wouldn't leave without any pictures. I explored its vastness before calling it a day to the many buildings that reside here.

On my second exploration, my friend S and I came back to explore and explored the other smaller buildings as we hunted for the famed bowling alley. We took an open basement/ground floor window and headed into the tunnel before trying the stairs upward into the building. Exploring the many floors clicking away, we headed back down and took the dark long tunnel to the next building above us. At the time we did not know the tunnel would wind its way "down the hill" to the right and then back to the building we previously found no opening. It was not until we gave in after countless rooms and hallways and several smaller buildings, that we headed out to a leafy inner basketball court and back out into the front entrance of what would be the canteen hall building we previously looked around for an opening to our surprise. We had come full circle. Moving around below unsuspectingly as patrols went by and locals and employees maneuvered above us, we had traipsed a great many miles. Unfortunately, we came up empty that fall-winter day and decided to head home just before nightfall to explore one smaller building housing the former children's ward.

I may return once again later before the sale of the complex is finalized but who knows when that will be. 


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