Steele Heddle Manufacturing Complex

Interior Shot

Last week news broke of fire engulfing the 332,600-square-foot city block North Philly factory.  I explored this factory late last year. Inside consisted of huge wooden open space floors with no machinery or other placeholders located inside. Of course, this provided the fuel that lasted three hours as firefighters fought to contain this massive fire destruction.

The Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company manufactured textile loom accessories. The Philadelphia plant remained in operation until 1983 and in 2007 sold for $1 to AM8 Group Steel Heddle. To my surprise, I only took one picture here (no video as well) after entering the basement and exploring the other three floors. It was an uninteresting place with the exception of another building down the street that piqued my interest.

Destroyed & Demolished May 18, 2018

Source: Raging 5-Alarm Inferno Engulfs Defunct Factory in North Philadelphia


  1. You have the wrong building. Steel Heddle is still standing.

    1. Can you send a link or more information? I am sure this is the correct building but I am open to correct any wrong information.


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