Hidden Gems #3: The Broken Four Stories

This 6,684 sf building sits mired in abandonment along a historical street named after a civil rights leader. The current property is owned by a church where to my disgust actually held meetings here before holding meetings elsewhere at other members home. The property has had numerous complaints dating back to 2007 of people freely entering and leaving the building. Perhaps by chance, the caller mistook the church members themselves as squatters or squatters truly were coming and going.

In 2014, the building and the adjacent lot were contracted for sale before last year being quiet titled by the owners of the church (other family members) against a family member of the deceased pastor who had no authorization to sell the parcel to a third party. Apparently, she had a disagreement with other family members in the management of the church properties. The building does sit in an up and coming gentrifying area. Now, it sits still vacant with no tenants or reverent congregation.

Adjacent lot to the right.


I got better at researching property records using the ACRIS system the government uses.  What a mess! Looking forward to publishing other hidden gems throughout NYC. 


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