Abandoned Factory Z (Northeastern, USA)

Corner View of Old Factory Machinery

This abandoned northeastern factory sits in the back of a quiet residential street surrounded by nature. Next to this two story building remains another abandoned medical complex boarded up to the gills. Stay tune for upcoming flicks. Getting into this building was quite hard. We hopped a perimeter fence in the middle of the morning where just before a police car was sitting taking a quiet break or making there due diligence check on the property. This property is down the road at a current asbestos abatement medical hospital by the local town/state agency. Once on the property, it offers a mix of old machinery and pipework from when this little factory which was probably much larger before residential developers took over. In addition, the building was free of graffiti and its brick walled facade still looked like the day it was constructed. The only giveaway is the wide open rusted away roof.  No open containers, drug paraphernalia or signs of local teenage BYOB bando partying.

Layered Pipework Against Open Windows

Symmetry Walkway

Open Faced Factory Floor Oven View

Top of Staircase Entryway of Factory

This piece of property is a little ways off from the beaten path. Only the local residents high up in the residential building next door get to look down upon this property. Once we had taken our pictures we headed out looking for an exit out of the property. We couldn't jump back over the fence unless we wanted a criminal trespassing fine or summons. We decided to jump over into the nearby residential parking lot once an unsuspecting resident was about to leave. But unlucky for us, this resident had seen us in the bushes ducking down waiting for him or her to leave. Looking around I saw a wide opening to my wide eye relief. It was the cul-de-sac I had investigated before my partners made it to property for access to the property. We walked out the bushes onto the other residential street where self-styled DIY mechanics were fixing up their car. They barely took notice of us as we walked by chatting about our bemusing exit plans.

Round Machinery BallastRusted Factory Landing Platform

Next time I am in the area I will head back to this property to gain access to the medical complex from this factory without jumping any fence again. Who says urban exploration is no fun. 


  1. I scouted out the cul de sac on Google Earth and used it as my point of entry. Some abatement work has been done in the medical building and I think it is pretty much cleared out.

    1. Damn. I wanted to return to that medical building sometime this Spring. I took too long.

  2. Do you happen to have more images of this place?

    1. Unfortunately no. If I pass by this area I'll probably publish an update. You've been here?


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