Pop Smoke Mural No. 3: Kings of Brooklyn Homage

A vibrant street mural in Brooklyn featuring a realistic portrait of a man with the word 'Kings' in bold yellow script. The mural is rich with color and intricate graffiti, displaying various artistic styles and tags that contribute to the urban tapestry of the neighborhood.

As the third anniversary of his untimely death let's appreciate the energy and unique art form Bashar Barakah Jackson aka Pop Smoke gave to the world.

A solemn head bow and a moment of silence for the woo God. 

I have been hunting for murals depicting drill rapper icon Pop Smoke all over Brooklyn. I came upon this mural while hunting for something else in the area. From the pictures, I knew I had to go see it in person, and boy did it not disappoint. From the images below you can see someone recently laid flowers and lit some candles to pay the woo homage to Canarsie Brooklyn’s fast-rising chart-topper. In addition, from the intense Internet interest in these beautiful murals of Pop Smoke, I knew I had to share them with my drill scene readers. 

Each mural I have visited is uniquely different from the others and invokes different emotions and personal feelings when viewing them. You just have to see them, to appreciate them, not for the social media post but for the passion, love, and respect of each artist who painted them as he/she/ expresses in his/her brush strokes, lines, and color.

As you can see the mural depicts other iconic rappers besides Pop Smoke. Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G., and Sean Price of Boot Camp Clik. Legends who have had a broad impact on the rap industry and their cultural significance to their respective music creation and art form. Just as this street art is a form of self-expression, these unique and creative individuals fostered a worldwide community of fervent and passionate fans of rap music.

On that note, shoot for the moon.

Artwork by:






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