Rockland State Hospital (2016 Visit) Part #3 - Children's Ward/Quarters

The children's ward is the most popular section of Rockland that everyone heads straight to this building without fail. It does have its appeal with other explorers. The brightly colored toys, destroyed murals and daycare equipment all scattered around the building. Here you can find the modest auditorium where I assume shows for the kids or movies were played. I won't dig deeper into the history since it is well written about by so many historians and urban explorers it would be ad nauseam to write about it again. A great write-up can be found by Will Ellis in his series on Rockland Hospital: Abandoned NYC.

Rockland State Hospital (2017 Visit) Part #2

My second visit to the institution I had already known beforehand that someone had torched certain sections of the children's ward. I saw all the fire damage in person to my dismay. I would never understand why someone would either torch a place for no reason at all or play around with fire inside old buildings to create that "shot". However, nefarious the reason I came back with my good friend A.

I found my way inside the famous bowling alley so many others have come to see. I also gained access to the main auditorium which was completely spotless from any graffiti or mounds of garbage. On the other hand, things became a lot worst inside the small auditorium inside the children's ward if you look back at my visit in 2016. It was inside here that we met other explorers taking in the ward. My friend A collaborated expeditiously into a portrait session and we were on our way less we get caught with the newcomers. Local police are known to patrol the campus frequently.

Rockland State Hospital (2016 Visit) Part #1

This once 600-acre mental asylum once housed 11,000 patients within its lush acreage and winding paths. A psychiatric hospital that once considered lobotomies and electroshock therapy as a first-rate treatment for the mentally ill. Now, part of the vast semi-abandoned buildings has found the wrecking ball for a different type of electroshock therapy. About 60 acres of land will become a banking data center built by the financial Wall Street juggernaut, JPMorgan Chase. A 150,000 sq ft data center will sit on the grounds where patients actually made the hospitals furniture and ran some of its facilities such as the power plant, farm and shops. As of now that facility has been built paved by the way of $40 million dollars in demolition and cleanup costs.

I ventured inside the many buildings unused since the hospital began cutting back during the 1970s. As of now, the Rockland Psychiatric Center still treat patients with maniacal depression and severe cases of schizophrenia. On many visi…

Archives #6: Contender For 2018

I was gobsmacked when I saw this piece in a nondescript back room. A true work of art. It was the only graffiti I saw whilst exploring this place. This place had a lot of piping and it was only fitting the artist responded in kind.

Hidden Gems #4: The $1.9 Million Shack

Drove by this unsuspecting gem traveling home. Immediately got out and snapped away.

Come to find out this piece of property was built all the way back in 1899 (119 years old). You can't see from the street but there is a house located behind this small building. Surprisingly, with all the huge money pouring into this neighborhood the current owners have not sold out with the rising New York City prices. This property currently has an estimated land value of $1.9 million dollars. The house on the property is still inhabited according to sources who have looked into the property. I guess the current landowners are just sitting on it for now to maximize the most land value they can get in this increasing hot real estate market or not.

Quite a jarring sight in a hip Brooklyn neighborhood.

July 4, 2018

Vanishing Point X Brooklyn

Based this post and composition on the bewildering and mysterious Westworld Season 2 Episode 9 of HBO's critically acclaimed sci-fi drama. As I was aligning the busy road below I saw the leading line and knew I had a good shot at hand and pulled the trigger.

"Do I have a choice? Were any of these choices ever truly mine to begin with?"

Jun 22, 2018

Intersection X Brooklyn

Where life's road crisscrosses over each life path.

I've been meaning to get this shot for a while now. After, not updating my drone for over a year, I finally did the latest firmware update and headed out early to get this shot I've been meaning to take for quite some time. Looking forward to using my drone as much as I do my personal DSLR camera.

Jun 22, 2018