Hidden Gems #3: The Broken Four Stories

This 6,684 sf building sits mired in abandonment along a historical street named after a civil rights leader. The current property is owned by a church where to my disgust actually held meetings here before holding meetings elsewhere at other members home. The property has had numerous complaints dating back to 2007 of people freely entering and leaving the building. Perhaps by chance, the caller mistook the church members themselves as squatters or squatters truly were coming and going.

In 2014, the building and the adjacent lot were contracted for sale before last year being quiet titled by the owners of the church (other family members) against a family member of the deceased pastor who had no authorization to sell the parcel to a third party. Apparently, she had a disagreement with other family members in the management of the church properties. The building does sit in an up and coming gentrifying area. Now, it sits still vacant with no tenants or reverent congregation.


I go…

Abandoned Additives and Coatings

Where the early morning polyaromatic hydrocarbons give you a straight high.

This industrial property currently houses onsite environmental contamination relating to metals and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. This abandoned place was previously in use 86 years ago before being owned by the local city when the previous owners did not pay off its financial obligations. The site currently sits open to the elements with a tattered roof and several large holes in the brick-lined building. Surrounding the property, mounds of illegal dumping activities are significantly pronounced. Several barrels of containers housing hydrocarbons leak slowly into the soil. A strong aromatic smell wafting strongly in the air. Hardened and loose unknown white powder scattered around the building. Basement or upper floors nonexistent.

I found this abandoned place while in the area scouting a different place before coming upon the well-known signs of abandonment. At the time, darkness was setting in and I didn'…

Abandoned Cotton Mill

In before the wrecking balls.

This mill surely did not need an interior demolition of its own because inside the wooden floors had already sagged and caved in from years of decay and neglect. The solid stone walls staying true to the craftsmanship and mortar the bricklayers' hundreds of years ago laid down with expertise and solid workmanship.

Now the structure awaits the fateful day when the demolition crew rides in and delivers its final blow into forgotten history. The ground floor was mostly dark and decayed.  A plethora of rotting wood littering the ground. The stairs leading to the first floor revealed there won't be no venturing upstairs. The flooring was completely rotten and caved in. From the steps of the staircase, you could look straight up and see the clouds in the sky. There was no way up without falling right back down to the ground floor.

Venturing to an open driveway we located the mills two smokestacks. The boiler house has seen better days. Inside the open …

Harrison Ford Island

Explored a few tiny islands in a local park on my recent weekend adventures. These islands sit off in the distance from the parking lot just a few nautical miles away from the boating dock and canoeing rental services. Took Mad Dog One up with relative ease and headed straight for my target. Lined a few shots and some interesting perspectives and returned the bird. Today was a day I wanted to explore 10 abandoned properties within one day from sunrise to sunset and time was of the essence.

Abandoned Camp Rock

When one spot is a failure you move onto the next.

I had my sights on this spot for a long while. It wasn't until Sunday that I was in the area after exploring a previous spot to check its theater and bowling alley. After pulling away from another spot that was quite open and risky to access and explore I ventured here. Pulling through the back I butted up on a deer who just stood to stare at us chewing on its cud before a loud CSX train passed by with the loudest sound I've ever heard from a train as it dashed away into the bushes.

Squeezing through a gap in the fence we came upon four boarded up buildings lined up neatly surrounded by heavy vegetation. Nothing special or of note was found inside any of the buildings. One building to the far left looked like a stable for cows. The center building was locked and seemed to hold unknown items in storage and the first building on the right was completely empty. This was the only building that still had electricity running to it.…

Abandoned Home Goods Manufacturer

Milling about with gleeful abandon.

I finally checked out this complex off of a pretty depressing neighborhood where houses are boarded and vehicular traffic is always substantially busy. I was very surprised how easy it was to access the complex. I had previously seen kids hanging around by the water playing around on a previous visit whilst using my DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Upon entering the property I feared the worst. Local kids may have already trashed the property based on the numerous windows busted out. Entering inside my fears were appeased. Inside was comfortably clean and unblemished from graffiti and shitty craft. It seemed the complex could be cleaned up and put to use with a little TLC and back into a hub of commerce. The offices on the other hand needed substantial renovation. A shame the previous owners left to move to another part of the state. The property provided a substantial view out to the water. Standing inside a side doorway. I could see many previous employees t…